How to Use Powder Face Masks

How to Use Powder Face Masks

How to Use Powder Face Masks


It is important to use face masks to treat a variety of skin issues since they provide your skin with the best ingredients. FORE Essentials focuses exclusively on powder face mask powders as they are amazing for the skin, last much longer than regular masks, and have no adverse effects.


Here are a few types on getting you started:


Step 1: Wash your face

Facial masks work best on freshly washed skin. Use a gentle cleanser  to wash your skin (our Gel Cleanser is our go to to wash our faces).

Without cleansing your face, the makeup, dirt, and other impurities accumulated on your skin will be trapped by your mask and may be forced deeper into your pores. In addition, a layer of grime makes it harder for active ingredients to reach the skin.


Step 2: Choose your mask

If you’re looking for a brightening and uplifting mask treatment, the Glow Skin Mask is the one for you. French green clay draws out excess oil and impurities, while Alaskan kelp and peppermint soften, nourish, and refresh your skin. This face mask is made of Kaolin clay, coconut milk powder, Aloe vera powder, and Spirulina powder. Adding Kaolin Clay will give your skin a silky feel, while coconut milk powder will provide the Vitamin B and Vitamin C that your skin needs. This all helps to avoid dark spots while improving skin dullness as it brightens the skin to create an outstanding glow. Spirulina is high in both amino acids and fatty acids, while also being rich in nutrients and vitamins. Spirulina is also great in encouraging cell turnover, promotion of youthful skin, and the reduction of inflation.


If you want to brighten skin, reduce inflammation and detoxify your skin, our Detoxifying Face Mask is your go to! In addition to making you feel relaxed and at ease, our detoxifying face mask has many other benefits. Face masks like this one can help remove sebum, or oil, from the surface of the skin. Besides this, it works to brighten and revive the skin, as well as giving it a soothing effect.


If you tend to have normal to oily skin, as well as acne prone skin, French Red + Koalin Clay Mask is your best match. It has many benefits including its ability to cleanse and remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, leaving your skin looking refreshed and toned with a rejuvenated look. Kaolin is a mineral that provides many benefits, including preventing acne and absorbing excess oil from the skin. Another important ingredient is hibiscus, which has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe the skin. Hibiscus' natural acids help break down dead skin cells to speed up cell turnover, which helps control acne breakouts.


If you are looking to revive and repair your skin, the Vitamin C Mask is the one. Aside from improving your skin's smoothness, vitamin C also provides aging support and helps your skin recover from the effects of sun, heat, and humidity. On top of this it helps brightenen, smoothen, and repair your skin irregularities with its amazing properties.


Step 3: Add your liquid + start mixing

Once your face mask is chosen, per 1 tbsp of powder mix in 1 tbsp add in your liquid to make a paste.


There are a variety of liquids you can chose when making your face mask. Adding warm water is the simplest way to do it, and in fact, it is very beneficial for oily skin to create an oil-absorbing mask. However, there are many other ways that can help spice up the routine and target your skin needs even better!


  • Do you have extra dry skin? In your mask, mix a teaspoon of honey with a few drops of warm water. Natural humectants like honey keep your skin feeling moisturized and dewy by drawing moisture to it.
  • Do you have dull or flaky skin? Add a teaspoon or so of yogurt to your mask. Natural lactic acids in yogurt and its low pH provide a gentle exfoliating boost to your mask.


Many lightweight oils can also be extremely beneficial for masks aimed at moisturizing dry skin.


Whichever liquid you choose, start by slowly adding just a few drops at a time until you reach a thick mud-like consistency. By doing so, you can easily smooth it over your skin without worrying that it will drip off.


Step 4: Apply and enjoy

Using your clean fingertips or our Face Mask Brush, smooth the mixture onto your skin. Make sure to avoid mouth, eyes, and nostrils. Apply max for 10 to 15 minutes. As the mask starts to dry onto your face during this period, you know the masks heavy lifting has started to take place, removing dirts and impurities from the skin.


Step 5: Wash off

Begin by splashing warm water onto your face following with a gentle massage to the skin with either your fingers or a warm cloth. Rinse off your face and pat dry with a towel.


Finish this off by moisturizing your face with our Face Cream to lock in the post-mask moisture.



In short:

  • Wash your face
  • Pick your face mask based on your desired outcome
  • Per 1 tbsp of powder mix in 1 tbsp of your chosen liquid
  • Apply on face and leave on 10-15 minutes
  • Rinse with warm water and pat dry
  • Lastly, moisturise!


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